The perfect balance of technology
& human craftsmanship.

If you want a glimpse of both Italy's future and past, look no further than the Barberini facility in Silvi Marina. For decades, the company has specialized in the production of high-end glass lenses and is an invaluable partner of Serengeti®. From grains of sand to the most refined glass lens in the world, Barberini does it all. Walking through the ultramodern facility, one can't help but be impressed with the array of computers, robots and technicians who are diligently focusing on their tasks at hand. Through this maze of inspiration, one senses a focus and mission that's palpable. While Barberini is clearly high-tech, the human touch is critical in almost every step of the production process.

''The care and attention that each lens receives is not from the machines, it's from our people.'' GIANNI VETRINI. CEO, BARBERINI

After touring the facility, it's easy to see why Barberini and Serengeti® have been partners for so long. Both companies share a deep appreciation for technology and Italian craftsmanship, while possessing a focus and sense of loyalty to one another. With a partnership like this, it's no wonder Serengeti® is the world's finest driving sunglass.

The Process


The process that begins with a 4-inch piece of glass referred to as a ''puck.'' The puck goes through a rigorous series of refinements that involve grinding and polishing. Although machines programmed to exacting tolerances perform the bulk of the work during this critical phase, the pucks are closely monitored and hand inspected by Barberini's technicians. At the grinding stage, the puck is referred to as a blank and is ready for Serengeti's® proprietary Hydrogen Firing Process.


This is where the real magic happens. Elemental yet advanced, the hydrogen-fueled Lehr furnace can reach and maintain exact temperatures so that different processes can take effect. The furnace's extremely high temperature embeds the glass blank with photochromic technology and activates Serengeti's® Spectral Control® properties, locking them in throughout the life of the lens. The varying high temperature is also a determining factor in what color lens is being produced.


Once the lenses are removed from the furnace, they're allowed to cool before being treated with coatings, which protect the lens as it's edged under the watchful gaze of a technician. All the way through the process, a technician ensures quality standards are met or exceeded. Barberini wouldn't do it any other way.